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Old 10-24-2009, 09:06 AM
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Post Ed Johnson release

The explanation from the Colts that Ed Johnson was released due to lack of productivity sounds like bull to me. If the guy was good enough during the preseason to be named the regular season starter, but his production during the season wasn't up to expectations, then you demote him to backup and promote the 2nd stringer. To just cut a starter like that, who could at least provide decent depth, just don't make sense. Probably more to it than what they are saying publicly. If the 2nd round DT they drafted from USC (Fiola ?) can't step up, Colts will be very vulnerable up the middle against the run.
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Old 10-24-2009, 09:51 AM
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Default Couldn't tame the nittany lion?

You're almost certainly correct. The Colts like to keep up a squeaky clean appearance. Johnson has priors -- driving violations, drug possession.

Whatever he may or may not have done likely wasn't as serious as that, or it'd be in the blotter. Maybe he was simply late for a meeting and Caldwell is sending that colt off to the glue factory to show who is running the show in Indy . . . a first-year coach following a legend has to assert a lot of control.

Pure speculation at this point.

As for the Colts having problems on the D-line, that's been going on since before the team signed Anthony McFarland and that seems like forever and a day ago.

BTW, Caldwell was QB coach at Penn State from 1986 till 1992. He likely has a good working relationship with Joe Pa. Johnson is a Penn State alum. I wouldn't be surprised if a phone call about Johnson's character, or possible lack of, took place between Caldwell and Paterno.
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